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Visual your space with our estimator

Do you know what you would like to store, but are having trouble visualizing the size of unit you will need? Please reference our helpful space estimator:

Unit Size Square Feet How to Visualize What Could Fit
4 x 8 32 square feet small closet studio apartment
5 x 10 50 square feet walk-in closet studio apartment
10 x 10 100 square feet small bedroom 1-2 bedroom apartment or home
10 x 14 140 square feet large bedroom 2 bedroom apartment or home
10 x 20 200 square feet 1 car garage 3 bedroom apartment/home or car
10 x 24 240 square feet large 1 car garage 3-4 bedroom apartment or home, car or boat

Need a size NOT listed? Bet we have it!